Oase Filtral 5000 UVC Internal Pond Filter

The Oase 5000 UVC Internal Pond Filter is a great option for keeping water clear in small ponds and water features. The all in one unit features a pump, ultra Violet clarifier and filter , with just a single plug so no need for more then one power outlet. Setting to upo is as easy as choosing yoiur fountain head , placing the unit in the pond and plugging it in.

Guarantee 2 years
Cable Length 10 mtrs
UVC-Wattage 11
Pump capacity, max. 2500 l/h
Max. flow rate 1100 l/h
Max. head height 2.30 m
Connection pressure-side 13mm
Connection pressure-side ½"
Suitable for ponds up to max. m³ 5.0 m³
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 2.5 m³ ( not suitable for koi)