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Water Iris (Lake Ouachita) pot with floating ring

Latin Name (Louisiana Iris)

Perennial plant

Position:           Full sun to part shade (will flower better in full sun)

Flowers:            Yes light blue in colour

Submersible:     Yes to a depth of 10cm

Foliage:             Produces Foliage above the water

Origin:              Native to the US

Cover:              Great habitat for frogs

Oxygenator:     No

Size:                  30cm to 1m tall


Although referred to as Water Iris, there are five different species of this genus  Iris hexagona, Iris nelsonii, Iris giganticaerulea, Iris brevicaulisand Iris fulva, all of which originate from the United States in the swamps of Louisiana. Many of the new and modern colours have been developed by horticulturalists through selective breeding. Water Iris .

In a water garden, Iris provides height and definition and although they only flower once a year, it’s well worth the wait.  Frogs love Water Iris in a water garden, as they provide shelter from predators in the pond. They can easily be propagated via division and depending on the size of the pot will need dividing on a yearly basis.