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Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia aurea) pot with floating ring


Position Full:     sun: - part shade

Flowers:            small yellow flowers

Submersible: To a depth of 5cm-15cm

Foliage::            Produced above water

Origin:              Europe

Grows to:          40cm (width) (10cm high)

Cover:              Excellent cover for fish in floating ring

Oxygenator:     No

Edible:              Yes


Lysimachia nummularia also known as creeping Jenny is an excellent pond plant quickly spreading out and providing cover for fish, frogs and tadpoles. It grows well on the surface of the pond in the floating pond ring that is included with all of our plants but can also be planted on the edges of a pond to cover pond liners. They are frost hardy, and its golden leaves provide a great contrast to the greens of most other pond plants. They prefer morning sun, as full sun all day may burn their leaves.