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River Buttercup Pond Plant (Ranunculus Inundatus) pot with ring 7cm

Australian Native Perrenial Pond Plant

Common name: River Buttercup

Latin name: Ranunculus Inundatus

Position: Grows best in full sun.

Flowers: Yes, yellow flowers that are held above the water line.

Depth: This can be planted to a depth of 30cm or grown in the pot and floating pond plant ring. It can also be grown in moist, boggy margins of the pond.

Height: Will reach around 30cm when mature. It has a spreading and trailing habit. Flowering stems range from 7-30cm.

Edible: No

Oxygenator: No

Frog Cover: Yes, as the Latin description suggests an ideal habitat plant for frogs! River Buttercup is an excellent choice of cover pond plant that will trail around the margins of a pond.


Ranunculus, derived from Latin, is said to signify "Little Frog" (where "rana" means frog and "unculus" suggests a diminutive form), possibly nodding to its frequent presence in habitats shared with these amphibians.

The species name "inundatus," also from Latin, aptly denotes "inundated" or "flooded," fitting for its preferred watery environments.

River Buttercup is an Australian native pond plant distributed from the northern NSW coastline to the inner Highland areas and central west parts of NSW.  River Buttercup grows well in Victoria and is resistant to the cooler climate and frosts. It can be found in South Australia from  Mt Gambier and around Adelaide and as far west as Western Australia.