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KangKong (Ipomea aquatica) with floating ring

Perennial plant

Position - Full sun to part shade

Flowers -White to pink flowers

Submersible - To a depth of 2cm (remove tall foliage when using with a ring)

Foliage - Produced above water

Origin - Asia

Grows - A trailing plants that can grow several meters wide and up to 30cm (high).

Can be pruned to maintain a lower height

Cover - Excellent cover for frogs around the pond

Oxygenator - No

Edible - Yes

Kang Kong, is often referred to as water spinach in recipes. It is a nutrient dense  vegetable used in Asian cooking. It is delicious in a stir fry with oyster sauce. Find more recipes here.


Kangkong in oyster sauce
Supergreen smoothie using kangkong



Nutritious tart using kangkongEasy stir fry using kangkong

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