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Water Primrose (Ludwigia palustris) pot with floating ring

Water Primrose can grow in low water situations near the edge of a pond or can also grow immersed. Whether grown in or out of the water, roots are continuously forming, and the plant develops into a mat with roots hanging into the water. These roots act as a filter reducing nutrients and fine particles in the pond.

This matting also provides cover for fish and tadpoles in the pond and the plant is particularly well suited to growing in the floating ring.

The stems are often red in colour and this colour deepens the greater the amount of sunlight the plant receives It also produces a small inconspicuous yellow flower from mid-summer into Autumn

Position Full sun - part shade
Flowers - Small yellow flowers
Submersible - To a depth of 2cm - 20cm
Foliage - Produced above and below the water
Origin - South Eastern USA
Grows - to 5cm (width) and up to 20cm (high)
Cover - Excellent cover for fish in a floating ring
Oxygenator - yes
Edible - No

 Good for controlling algae and providing cover for baby fish and tadpoles.