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Water lily starter pack - 4 corm pack (Nymphaea hardy hybrids)


Position                       Full sun still water

Frost Hardy                 Yes

Flowering                    Yes

Origin                          Europe



When you think of pond plants, most people think of water lilies and really no water garden is complete without at least one. Hardy Water Lilies are a tuber-type water plant that originates in Europe.

The leaves can come in various sizes, some are classic green whilst others are patterned. Hardy-type water lilies are ideal for all climates growing rapidly in the warmer months before dying down over winter.

They flower from late spring and into summer and grow rapidly during this period, so they require regular monthly fertilising. To flower water lilies require at least 5 hours of sunlight per day.

 Water lilies require still water around them to thrive and splashing water may even bruise and damage the leaves of the plant. They should be potted in a loamy mix of soil and this soil type is present in many older home gardens. Loamy soil should hold its shape when wet and they will even grow in clay-type soils as well.  They are best planted into a pot with a fine layer of gravel over the top to prevent the soil from washing out until the plant is established. To get continued flowering from water lilies on your pond, they should be divided and repotted on an annual basis.

 *This water lily starter kit provides a mix of water lily corms (not potted)  that could include, pink, white, yellows, and orange.