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Water Grass (Lilaeopsis brisbanensis) with floating ring

Position:           Part shade (shade-tolerant) to full sun

 Flowers:            No

 Submersible:    To a depth of 10cm

 Foliage:             Grows like a Mat on the surface

 Origin:              Native to Australia

 Cover:              Great mat cover plant when grown with a floating ring

 Oxygenator:     No

 A fantastic Australian Native plant the Water Grass or Lilaeopsis brisbanica is a low growing (mat forming) water plant. Wonderful for bringing lush green grass looking leaves to any pond. Able to live in water to a depth of 10cm deep, Lilaeopsis brisbanica (Water Grass) is perfect for shallow ponds and ponds that receive full sun to part shade throughout the day.

This plant provides shelter and food for small fish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures, attracting a diverse range of wildlife to your pond. It is a key plant in frog ponds as it provides habitat and shelter for tadpoles and during spawning times.

If you are looking for a beautiful green native plant to bring a nice hue of colour to your pond then the Lilaeopsis brisbanica (Water Grass) is a must!

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