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Water Garlic with Floating ring 7cm


Oxygenator:       No

Edible:                Yes

Flower:                Yes (small mauve)

Height:                30cm

Water Depth:      1cm

Position:              Full sun

Water Garlic Plants are a recent addition to the world of pond plants. A native of South Africa, Water Garlic can reach 30cm in size and has a light green to grey strappy foliage, and produces a small purple flower. It enjoys a full sun position and will perform best when grown in shallow water that does not cover the crown of the plant and can be grown in the floating pond ring that is included with all of our plants.

Water Garlic can be propagated through division with clumps divided annually to encourage vigorous growth and flowering through the summer months.


The leaves of Water Garlic can be chopped and used in salads and soups. The flowers can be added to vinegar or oils to give a slight hint of garlic flavour. You could also choose to use the flowers as an edible as a garnish.