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Pond One Prefilter Sponge Small

The sponge pre filter that comes as standard on most pond pumps are usually too small to cope with the amount of waste that is produced in a pond or water garden. Debris in the pond such as leaves, uneaten food and sludge makes them clog quickly, slowing the flow rate of the pond pump. If regular maintenance is not undertaken, this reduced flow rate may place strain on the motor of the pond pump, shortening the life of the unit. The Pond One Prefilter Sponge is an effective way to minimise blockages in Pondmaster pumps. The pre filter attaches directly to the filter inlet on the pump via threaded connection and easily removed for cleaning.

Dimensions of the Pond One Pre filter 95mm x 95mm x 200mm

Suits models

Pond One Pondmaster PM1300
Pond One Pondmaster PM2300
Pond One Pondmaster PM3600
Pond One Pondmaster PM4900