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Pond One Mantaray 6000 Filter Pump

The Pond One MantaRay 6000 is designed for the tough pond environment in every way and is ideally suited to supply water to water falls and pond filters .


The Pond One MantaRay 6000 features a sturdy inverter motor with solids handling impeller. This means it can deal with soft solids such as decaying pond material, algae and sludge without losing flow rate. The impeller assembly can be replaced should it become worn with time.
The outlet of the unit is multi directional so no matter where in the pond the MantaRay 4000 is placed, the hose for the filter or waterfall can be easily connected to it. The inlet has been designed to draw water from all over the surface of the pump, reducing the chance of unit the becoming clogged and reducing the need for cleaning the unit as often as models that use a sponge pre filter.

Although the Pond One MantaRay 6000 produces plenty of flow rate it does so while using less power then similar pumps on the market and should the unit ever run dry and overheat, there is a built in protection that turns the pump off.
If you needed any more convincing that the Pond One MantaRay 6000 is great value pump, then you can have peace of mind that it is covered by a 3 yr guarantee.

Flow Rate: 6400 ltrs per hour
Maximum Head: 3.3 m
Power Consumption: 50 Watts
Water Type: Freshwater, Marine or Pond
Cable Length: 10 mtrs