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Pond Max Barley Max 940ml

Pond Max BarleyMax is an effective natural way to combat all types of algae in the pond. Although it may take longer then methods that utilise algaecide. When used as directed Pondmax Barley Max will not harm plants, fish,frogs and household pets. When added to the water, as Pondmax BarleyMax breaks down it forms a mild Hydrogen Peroxide which at low levels is a natural algaecide. Best results are achieved in warmer weather and when there is adequate aeration and water flow in the pond. The product is ineffective in ponds with minimal water movement and those without pumps or aerators.

Pondmax Barley Max can be used year round and the 900ml bottle treats 160000 litres of water

Application rate 1ml for every 64 litres of water every 2 weeks