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Oxygenator Pond Plant Starter Pack includes 7cm Floating Rings

About the Pack

Oxygen is essential for life in a pond. This combination of plants will assist in raising oxygen levels in a pond or water garden and will help reduce algae growth!

The Oxygenator 7cm starter pack consists of 

2 x Milfoil

2 x Pink Heather

2 x Brahmi

About the Plants


Position:           Part shade (shade-tolerant) to full sun

Flowers:            Small white flowers

Submersible:    To a depth of 20cm

Foliage:             Can produce foliage both above and below water level

Origin:              Native to the wetlands of southern and Eastern India, Australia, Europe,                            Africa, Asia, and North and South America

Cover:              Great cover plant when grown with a floating ring

Oxygenator:     Yes (when grown submersed)

Propagation     Division

Every pond or water garden should have Brahmi in it as it is a plant that has so many uses.  Brahmi has small succulent like green leaves and produces a pale white flower.

It can be grown submersed to a depth of 20cm where it will act as an oxygenator in the pond. It will also mat out over the top of the pond and provide cover and shelter for fish and tadpoles. Aside from its uses for fish and creatures that inhabit ponds and water gardens, it also can be used for its medicinal properties as well.

Brahmi is known as the 'Memory Herb' for its potential cognitive and medicinal benefits! and has been used in India for thousands of years as a remedy for improving memory and assisting with mental health conditions including anxiety. It is also incorporated as part of Chinese medicine, assisting with warming the kidneys and as a brain tonic.

As we age we are more prone to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson and taking Brahmi may assist with delaying these from occurring. The leaves on their own have a somewhat bitter taste but can be mixed with other aquatic edible plants like water mint with added honey and taken as tea to improve the flavour.

Upright Water Milfoil


Height:             5cm - 20cm

Width:              15cm -60cm

Position:           Part shade (shade-tolerant) to full sun

Flowers:            yellow

Submersible:     To a depth of 20cm

Foliage:             Can Produce foliage above the water line and below the water line

Origin:              Australia

Cover:               Provides shelter and cover for frogs

Oxygenator:     Yes

Propagation:    runners & division

Milfoil is a fast-growing pond plant and this makes it ideal for natural algae control. It does this by competing with the algae for nutrient. Less nutrient means less algae and clear water.  Further the little fine leaves of Milfoil help to captcha small particles that float in the water further enhancing the clarity of the water in the pond.

Upright Milfoil is an attractive water plant and a good addition to any pond or water garden. Milfoil can be submerged to a depth of 20cm where it will act as an oxygenator and provides cover for fish and tadpoles. It will spread out over the surface of the pond and is used by frogs to spawn on.

Milfoil can be easily propagated and regular pruning will assist in keeping it neat.

Pink Heather


Position:           Full sun - part shade

Flowers - Small pink flowers

Submersible - To a depth of 5cm - 60cm

Foliage - Produced above and below the water

Origin - South East Asia

Grows - to 5cm (width) and up to 20cm (high)

Cover - Excellent cover for fish in floating ring

Oxygenator – yes

Edible – No

Pink Heather  Rotala roundifolia is a great and versatile pond plant. It can be grown to a depth of 60cm so it’s an ideal oxygenator for deeper ponds. Rotala rotundifolia can also be grown in water as shallow as 5cm where the stems take on a rigid upright form. In warmer months Pink Heather produces an abundance of small pink flowers that will even attract bees around the water garden.

It provides cover for both tadpoles and fish when grown submersed or out of the water and will mat out over the surface creating a stunning flower display when grown in the floating ring that is included with all our plants. As a fast-growing plant, it is also useful in controlling algae as it competes for the nutrient in pond water which slows or even stops algae growth creating a clean and clear water garden.