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Oase Filtral UVC 3000

The Oase Filtral UVC 3000 is a multifunctional compact solution for prefabricated pools and smaller ponds. The Filtral UVC 3000 is a brilliant “Invisible” filter and pump that lies underwater keeping your pond looking nice and tidy. The Filtral UVC 3000 has a compact filter unit with UVC technology and 4 different types of filter materials to keep your pond clean and healthy! Another fantastic feature is the pump for your fountain is already integrated into the device and is even height adjustable to match different water depths up to 3m along with having an adjustable T-piece for spouts and small watercourses. To top it off the Oase Filtral UVC 3000 has individual adjustment for flow rate and fountain height while also allowing you to have an Easy Visual check of the UVC Clarifier.

Max Flow Rate 1200 Ltrs/Per Hour
Max Head Height 1.8m
10mtr Cable Length
Power 36watts
Rated Voltage 230V/ 50 Hz
2 year Guarantee