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Lepironia articulata (Grey Rush) Pond Plant with floating pond ring

Lepironia articulata (Grey Rush)


Position:                       Full sun

Flowers:                       Small cigar shaped brown flowers

Submersible:               Once established, can be submerged to 30cm

Height:                         2-3m

Origin:                          Australia

Cover:                          Ideal habitat for native frogs

Filter plant:                 Yes

Edible:                        Yes, the rhizomes can be eaten

Lepironia articulata, also known as Cigar Rush, is a versatile and tough pond plant. With its blueish grey foliage and cigar-like flowering pods, it adds a unique aesthetic to any pond. Its minimal maintenance requirement and ability to thrive in variable conditions make it a great choice for large plantings. Additionally, it serves as a beneficial habitat plant for aquatic creatures including native frogs. Thriving in any soil type, this native plant grows 2-3m in height and width. Makes an ideal plant for areas that need soil stabilising, dams and natural water inlets.