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Hairy Nardoo (Marsilea Drummondii) with floating ring

Hairy Nardoo Marsilea Drummondii is a classic Australian native water plant. Hairy Nardoo produces a clover like soft furry leaf that closes at night or on overcast days. Leaves when fully submersed will float on the surface of the water or it will produce a firm upright stem when grown in shallow water. Near the base of the stem, it produces a small edible node.


Position: Full sun to part shade

Flowers: No

Edible: Yes, node or bulb

Submersible: Yes to a depth of 30cm

Foliage: Produces furry four leaved foliage that floats on the surface of the water

Origin: Native to Australia

Cover: Great surface cover for fish

Oxygenator: No

Size: 30cm diameter