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Golden Sweet flag (Acorus gramineus ogon) with floating ring


Position:           Part shade to full sun frost-tolerant

Flowers:            No

Edible:              Yes

Submersible:     To a depth of 1cm-5cm

Foliage:             Produces upright foliage

Origin:              China and Japan

Cover:              Provides cover for frogs

Oxygenator:     No

Size:                  Up to 60cm

Interesting to know this pond plant has a sweet fragrance when the leaves are crushed! 

Golden Sweet Flag takes its name from the sweet aroma that is produced when you crush the leaves of this water plant. The root of Golden Sweet Flag can be used as a ginger substitute.It is a tough pond plant that will tolerate frost but may brown off at the tips if exposed to full sun for prolonged periods. As pond plants go this is one that looks its best when planted on mass and its grass-like foliage provides an ideal habitat for frogs.

Golden Sweet Flag is easily propagated and dividing the rhizomes every year will give you extra plants and also encourages a flush of new growth from your existing plant.

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