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Gardeners Garters (Phalaris arundinacea) with floating ring

Gardeners GartersPhalaris arundinacea is a tall spreading grass with variagated green-and-white-striped foliage and it also forms a narrow pale green flower. Its tall clumping nature encourages insects making it an excellent plant for attracting frogs to your pond. It’s a real all-rounder in water gardens as it will tolerate full sun through to dappled shade. It looks its best when grown on mass and due to its quick-growing nature, it can be divided up into multiple plants throughout the warmer months.

Perennial plant

Position - Part shade
Flowers - small seed spike
Submersible - To a depth of 5cm (remove tall foliage when using with a ring)
Foliage - Produced above water
Origin - Northern Africa (including Egypt and Nigeria)
Grows - to 60cm (width) and 100cm (high)
Cover - Excellent cover for frogs
Oxygenator - No
Edible - No

The variegated leaf makes for an excellent contrast plant in any pond.