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Fine Leaf Water Mint (Mentha cevina) with floating ring

Perennial plant
Position - Part shade
Flowers - small white flower
Submersible - To a depth of 5cm
Foliage - Produced above water
Origin - Western Mediterranean
Grows - to 20cm (width)  and 30cm (high)
Cover -  Best suited to a floating ring
Oxygenator - No
Edible  - Yes

Interesting to know, the leaves can be added to drinks, tea and salads to add a wonderful summer flavour.

Fine leaf water mint has many health benefits. It can be effective in relieving digestive problems such as upset stomach, bad breath (can be used as a mouthwash) and indigestion.

Like all mints, fine leaf water mint is a good source of vitamin C when served fresh. It also contains vitamin A. 

It is also used as a traditional treatment for anxiety  and insomnia. Most people prepare a tea using fresh leaves and steep for several, minutes depending on taste. Honey makes a natural sweetener for tea.

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