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Edible starter pack

We have put together the best & most commonly used water plants for everyday use.
Water parsley, water mint and brahmi bacopa are all fabulous water plants that you will enjoy at hand for your culinary needs! All plants in the pack are in 7cm pots and come with a floating pond ring to keep them at the perfect water level in your pond. 

Water Parsley , Rainbow Water Parsley and water Water Celery are excellent in a salad . Water Mint can be added drinks or Asian salads.

Your edible starter pack includes

2 x Fine Leaf Water Mint (Mentha cevina)

1 x Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

1 x Water parsley (Oenanth)e sarmentosa)

1 x  Rainbow Water parsley (Oeanthe Javanica)

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