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Blue Sedge (Carex Riparia) with floating ring

Position:           Full sun (Vertical Growth) Part Shade (Semi weeping)

Flowers:            No

Submersible:    No (Shallow water)

Foliage:             Produces upright foliage 

Origin:              Europe, Western and Central Asia

Cover:              Provides cover for frogs

Oxygenator:     No

The Blue Sedge, also known as Carex Riparia, is a beautiful pond plant that adds a unique blue/grey colour to your pond. It is perfect for attracting frogs and creating a vibrant and natural look in your pond. This plant thrives in shallow water and can grow vertically when exposed to full sun or have a semi-weeping growth pattern in a pond with part shade. With its striking appearance and ability to enhance the ecosystem of your pond, the Blue Sedge is a must-have for any pond enthusiast.
- Unique blue/grey leafy hue
- Thrives in shallow water
- Attracts frogs
- Can grow vertically or have a semi-weeping growth pattern
- Adds a vibrant and natural look to your pond
- Enhances the ecosystem of your pond
- Provides habitat for frogs and other aquatic creatures
- Low-maintenance plant