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Blagdon Inpond 6 in 1 Pond Multi Filter 9000

The Blagdon 9000 Inpond 6 in 1 is a complete plug and play solution for keeping ponds up to 9000 clean and clear. ( see attached chart to see the model best suited to your pond requirements. )

The filter uses a combination of mechanical pads to capture particles and biological media to culture benefificial bacteria to reduce nutrient in the pond.

The inbuilt 9 Watt UV clarifier effectively kills single cell algae that can cause ponds to take on a pea soup appearance. The unit can be run with or without the included fountain heads and the LED spotlight ensures your pond remains a garden feature after dark.

The unit includes:

Water Filter
3000 ltr per hour Pump with a 2 mtr maxium head height (49.5 watt)
LED Spotlight
9 watt Green Water UV Clarifier

4 interchangeable fountain heads

• Daisy Fountain Head
• Single Daisy Fountain Head
• Bell Fountain Head
• Tulip Fountain Head
• Fountain Extension Pipes x 8
• Ball Joint and T Piece to allow both fountain heads & waterfall to run at the same time
• 1/2 Fountain Feature Flow Control
• 10 Mtr UV Stabilsed cable