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Taro Illustris (Colocasia Esculenta) pot with floating ring

.Perennial:                             Edible

Position:                               Part shade

Flowers:                                Yellow

Edible:                                   Yes

Submersible:                         To a depth of 1cm-5cm

Foliage: Produces:                 Upright foliage

Origin:                                   Malaysia

Cover:                                    Provides cover for frogs

Oxygenator:                           No

Size:                                       Up to 1mtr -1.5 mtrs


One of the most highly sort after pond plants is Taro Illustris (Colocasia Esculenta)  It comes in several different leaf colourations including a variegated variety, but Black Magic with its dark burgundy to black colouration is the most striking form of it.

Taro Illustris reaches between 1mtr to 1.5 mtrs in size and occasionally produces a yellow flower. However, it is its large dark coloured arrow shaped leaves that make it a stunning feature plant in any water garden.

Given its maximum size, Taro Illustris does best when kept in a larger pot and its large leaves are frost tender so it should be grown in a protected frost-free environment. Given its size, it is a gross feeder so ensure you fertilize monthly throughout the growing season from September through to April.

Taro Illustris sends out runners and can be easily propagated from these daughter plants. It is well suited as an Indoor pond plant where it thrives in an area that receives plenty of natural sunlight and being a water plant if you keep the water level at the base of the plant there is no chance of over-watering.

Interesting to know is like other Taro's the root of the plant can be baked or boiled and has a slightly sweet nutty flavour

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