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Baumea Juncea (Bare Twig Rush) Pond Plant with floating pond ring

Baumea Juncea (Bare Twig Rush)


Position:                       Full sun - part shade 

Flowers:                       Reddish-brown spikelets from late spring into summer.

Submersible:                 To a depth of 10cm when established

Height:                         60cm -1m

Origin:                          Australia

Cover:                          Ideal habitat for native frogs

Filter plant:                 Yes

Edible:   No

Baumea Juncea, also known as Bare Twig Rush, is a slender, evergreen, Australian native wetland plant that provides a mat-forming, upright and narrow habit. With its bluish-grey foliage and attractive reddish-brown spikelets, it adds interest to any garden or landscape, especially when mass planted. Thriving in any soil type, this native plant grows up to 1m in height and width. Makes an ideal plant for areas that need soil stabilising, dams and natural water inlets.