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Lebanese Cress (Aethionema Cordifolium) with floating ring

Latin Name (Aethionema Cordifolium)

Position - Full sun  to part shade
Flowers - Yes
Submersible -To a depth of 5cm-15cm
Foliage - Produced above water
Origin - Mediterranean
Grows - to 40cm (width) and 20cm (high)
Cover - Great Surface cover when grown with floating ring
Oxygenator - No
Edible - Yes

Lebanese Cress can reduce  algae growth  in ponds due to rapid growth and surface cover.  The leaves from this edible fern like water plant make a tasty garnish in any salad.

Lebanese cress has many health benefits. The leaves of this pond plant are a good source of protein with vitamins A, B, C, iron, calcium, phosphorous and potassium.