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Water Hyssop (Bacopa caroliniana) with floating ring

Water Hyssop



Position:                                Part shade (shade-tolerant) to full sun

Flowers:                                Small blue flower

Submersible:                        To a depth of 20cm

Foliage:                                 Can produce foliage both above and below water level

Origin:                                   USA

Cover:                                   Great cover plant when grown with a floating ring

Oxygenator:                         Yes (when grown submersed)

Water hyssop (Bacopa caroliniana) is part of the pond plant family known as Plantaginaceae. Water hyssop is easy to identify from other members of the genus as it produces a small blue flower that smells of lemon when crushed and as a result of this it also goes by the name Lemon Hyssop. When it comes to pond plants,

Water Hyssop could be considered an all-rounder.  It produces pleasant-looking green foliage, a scented blue flower can grow at a range of different depths so it is a useful bog plant, floating plant, and oxygenator when grown completely submerged.

 Water Hyssop is also a useful plant for stripping nutrients from pond water. Nutrients including nitrates and phosphates are the major cause of algae in a pond.  So, if you want to get rid of algae, then Water Hyssop is a water plant that you must have. When used in conjunction with our floating ring, Water Hyssop will trail its roots and leaves down into the water which provides cover for fish and tadpoles.