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Pink Rotala (Rotala roundifolia) pot with floating ring


Position:           Full sun - part shade

Flowers - Small pink flowers

Submersible - To a depth of 5cm - 30cm

Foliage - Produced above and below the water

Origin - South East Asia

Grows - to 5cm (width) and up to 20cm (high)

Cover - Excellent cover for fish in floating ring

Oxygenator – yes

Edible – No

Interesting to Know

Flowers for a prolonged period

Beautiful plant that provides a cluster of pink flowers


Rotala roundifolia or Pink Heather is a great and versatile pond plant. It can be grown to a depth of 60cm so it’s an ideal oxygenator for deeper ponds. Rotala rotundifolia can also be grown in water as shallow as 5cm where the stems take on a rigid upright form. In warmer months Pink Heather produces an abundance of small pink flowers that will even attract bees around the water garden.

It provides cover for both tadpoles and fish when grown submersed or out of the water and will mat out over the surface creating a stunning flower display when grown in the floating ring that is included with all our plants. As a fast-growing plant, it is also useful in controlling algae as it competes for the nutrient in pond water which slows or even stops algae growth creating a clean and clear water garden.