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Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) with floating ring

Latin Name:      Bacopa Monnieri 

Position:           Part shade (shade-tolerant) to full sun

Flowers:            Small white flowers

Submersible:    To a depth of 20cm

Foliage:             Can produce foliage both above and below water level

Origin:              Native to the wetlands of southern and Eastern India, Australia, Europe,                            Africa, Asia, and North and South America

Cover:              Great cover plant when grown with a floating ring

Oxygenator:     Yes (when grown submersed)

Brahmi is known as the 'Memory Herb' for its potential cognitive and medicinal benefits!

Every pond or water garden should have Brahmi in it as it is plant that has so many uses.  Brahmi has small succulent like green leaves and produces a pale white flower.

It can be grown submersed to a depth of 20cm where it will act as an oxygenator in the pond. It will also mat out over the top of the pond and provide cover and shelter for fish and tadpoles. Aside from its uses for fish and creatures that inhabit ponds and water gardens, it also can be used for its medicinal properties as well.

Brahmi as been used in India for thousands of years as a remedy for improving memory and assisting with mental health conditions including anxiety. It is also incorporated as part of Chinese medicine, assisting with warming the kidneys and as a brain tonic.

As we age we are more prone diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson and taking Brahmi may assist with delaying these from occurring. The leaves on their own have a somewhat bitter taste but can be mixed with other aquatic edible plants like water mint with added honey and taken as tea to improve the flavour.

Brahmi is a popular tea and can be made using fresh or more commonly, dried leaves. To make a cup of Brahmi tea, simply add a few teaspoons of fresh or dry leaves to a teapot and steep for 5-10 minutes. Sweeten with a teaspoon of honey.