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Marbled Marshwort (Nymphoides spinulosperma)

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Latin Name:      Nymphoides spinulosperma

Position:           Part shade (shade-tolerant) to full sun

Flowers:            Yellow flowers up to 5cm

Submersible:    To a depth of 1 mtr

Foliage:             Above or floating on the water

Origin:              Native to Eastern Austrlia

Cover:              Great cover plant and a good alternative to Water Lillies

Oxygenator:     No


Nymphoides spinulosperma, also known as marbled marshwort, is an aquatic plant that is native to Eastern Australia and is a member of the family Menyanthaceae. It was only described in 1997  so could be considered a relatively new species.

Nymphoides spinulosperma is a perennial plant with stems up to 1.5 cm (0.6 in) long. Its leaves are an oval shape similar to water lillies are are  2.5–12 cm long by 2–11 cm wide, with a heart-shaped (cordate) base. It produces a bright yellow with fringed petal flowers in summer and autumn, and they can reach up to 5.5 cm across.

It enjoys still water so do not place it near a fountain or waterfall and grow to a depth of 1 mtr.