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Welcome to We Know Water Gardens!

Australia's premier online destination to buy pond plants, water lilies and pond pumps and filters. We have worked in water gardens for many years and we reckon that as long it holds water you make can make a water garden out it.

We know there’s already websites where can you purchase plants for your water garden but what makes us different is that plants from, We Know Water Gardens come to you potted and ready to go with our unique pond plant floating ring! No bare roots, no looking for suitable soil simply no messing about. Just unpack our pond plants and place them in your pond, pot or container.

We know that you want to find everything for the water gardening in one place, so we carry big brands like Oase, Laguna and Pond One and we’ve got you covered for spare parts to get your gear going and to keep it going.

We know sometimes you need a little help or advice, so you can reach us via email or messenger and we will happily answer your questions. We can solve your problems with advise on what plant grows best in low light or how to reduce algae growth in your pond.

We know you want your items fast and in great shape, so we use a range of shipping methods to make sure they arrive promptly and in tip-top condition.

Most importantly we know you want value for money and that only comes from years of industry experience.

We work with the best growers and water garden suppliers to help you have a stunning pond or water garden that's fuss free and beautiful.
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