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Nardoo (Marsilea Angustifolia) with floating ring

Nardoo Marsilea Angustifolia should be a staple of any native water garden. It is characterised by its green four-leaf clover appearance. The leaves will float on the surface of a pond when grown submersed, but it will also thrive near the edge of a pond in wet or boggy soil where the leaves will stand upright. It will grow in both full sun or shade so it is a great all-rounder for any water garden. The seed-like spore cases of Nardoo known as sporocarps can be eaten as a porridge or dried and ground up and made into a dough.


Position:              Full sun to part shade

Flowers:               No

Submersible:      Yes to a depth of 30cm

Foliage:                Produces foliage that floats on the surface of the water

Origin:                  Native to Australia

Cover:                   Great surface cover for fish

Oxygenator:       No

Size:                     30cm diameter