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Needle Leaf Ludwigia (Ludwigia acruata) pot with floating ring

Needle Leaf Ludwigia is a native to the Southern Eastern areas of the United States. It has needle like leaves, produces a yellow flower, and provides an excellent cover for fish and tadpoles.  It can also act as an oxygenator when submersed to a depth of 20cm. High levels of nutrient and sunlight will make the foliage turn a rich red colour. The plant is well suited to a floating pond ring as it will quickly spread out over the top of it. Cut the plant back in summer to promote new growth.

Position Full sun - part shade
Flowers - Small yellow flowers
Submersible - To a depth of 2cm - 20cm
Foliage - Produced above and below the water
Origin - South Eastern USA
Grows - to 5cm (width) and up to 20cm (high)
Cover - Excellent cover for fish in floating ring

Frost Sensitive - yes

Oxygenator - yes
Edible - No
Good for controlling algae and proving cover for baby fish and tadpoles