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Pond in a Pot!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the space for a pond or water garden. The good news is that you can have a mini version with our unique Pond in a Pot!

Pond in a Pot has been developed for balconies, patios or to be brought indoors in a sunny position. The Pond in a Pot looks great on outdoor tables on a balcony or patio. All you need to do is keep the  pot full of water, fertilise every  month (1 x fertiliser tablet is included) and enjoy!


1 x Goddess Lily Sparkles
1 x large pot (18 x 15cm) - Either flower burst or floral design
1 x fertiliser tablet


About the plant:

Our stunning Goddess Lily Sparkles (Zantedeschia), is a realtively hardy water plant, originating in South Africa. It can be grown in part shade and has the most unusual foliage of thick deep green with a sprinkling of white sparkles. It has a white trumpet like flower from late winter through to early summer.

Maintain the plant by removing spent leaves, keeping water toppped up and fertilise every month. 

Plant size in photo's is approximately 1 year old. You will achieve this size in 12 months and the plant you will receive will be under 12 months old.

Can be pruned to maintain size by removing larger leaves and trimming the roots back.

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