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Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 8500 - 8,300 lph, 3.2m head, 80w


- Wrap around intake strainer copes with coarse debris up to 8mm in size.
- Low running costs due to the ecomonically designed motor
- Stepped hose adapter with the sizes 1", 1¼", and 1½" . ( for best performance we recommend using the largest diameter hose posible in your application)

Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 280 x 230 x 130
Power Consumption (watt) 80
Turnover rate max. (l/h) 8300
Head of water max.(m) 3.2
Connection Cable (m) 10
Guarantee (excl. wearing parts) 3 + 2 years
Dry Installable Y
Pump Outlet Size 1 ½"

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